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How Safe Are Taxi Drivers in London with Their Job?

TFL (Transport for London) recently cancelled the license for Uber for multiple reasons and left the job and many taxi drivers earnings in jeopardy. While the reason stated for this decision was in the positive light of the safety of the passengers, it has adversely affected the taxi driver’s life who is a daily earner.

How Safe Are Taxi Drivers in London with Their Job?

We at LynkCity are prepared for safeguarding our existing registered taxi drivers and also those who are willing to join us. We understand that the wrongdoings of a few often affect the innocent. Our process for registering a taxi driver is fully proofed from the start. There is a 2-days time frame for verification of the cab driver’s documents that are submitted to avoid any problems in the future.

Following a structured method keeps our other registered drivers sage along with maintaining the credibility of our brand. A former Uber driver talked about the situation of Uber drivers since 2017 when their license was suspended and reinstated later. But, the final decision that has been made now is like a “Hammer Blow” to the drivers. This statement is like a mirror and now is the best time for cab drivers to join hands with a reliable online taxi hiring app like LynkCity.



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How Safe Are Taxi Drivers in London with Their Job?

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LynkCity Mobile app is an efficient app that brings a taxi wherever you are. Just a few simple clicks & ride a licensed taxi in your local area. If you want to drive for LynkCity, we offer easy registration. Download now for Safe, quick & Easy ride OnDemand. #LynkCity

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